The chin is one of those areas, the condition of which does not bother women for quite a long time. Age-related changes appear here extremely rarely and late. An exception can be cases when, during a smile, tubercles form on the skin or there is a longitudinal wrinkle under the lower lip. In this case, you can use the Botox injection procedure on the chin.


Face slimming procedure is complicated by the fact that in the chin area there are many small muscles responsible for clear articulation. Due to their proximity to each other, there is a risk that the solution will go beyond the desired limits, which in turn can lead to the improper functioning of neighbouring muscles. It is for this reason that many specialists refuse to inject botulinum toxin into the lower third of the face.

Up to now, chin correction has only been performed if the patient has specific problems. Only those doctors who have studied the structure of the muscles of the face well, have many years of experience and can calculate the dose of the drug with maximum accuracy have the right to inject Botox into the chin.


Botox injections in the lower third of the face are very popular among women because with their help you can look much younger. But only patients with the following  allowed the procedure:

  • sagging of the lower third of the face,
  • muscle hypertonicity,
  • slight disproportion of the oval of the face,
  • the presence of age or mimic wrinkles.

Since Botox injections are indicated only for patients with specific problems, the drug copes with them perfectly. For example, botulinum toxin effectively eliminates wrinkles under the lower lip. They appear as a result of excessive muscle tension, which, as it were, stretches forms skin and forms a semicircular fold. Botox helps relieve tension by allowing the mentalis muscle to fit snugly against the upper lip and to control the movement of the lower lip with ease.

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